January 31, 2017

"Mike and his crew did a great job! They were in and out in one day and everything was cleaned up- highly recommend!"
January 20, 2017


"Saar’s could not have made it easier to have a tree removed and were great to work with. They were there the same day I called to give a quote on removing the tree and went over what all we wanted done. The next day they were there and did everything exactly how we asked it to be! The tree was down and loaded onto their truck, stump and visible roots were gone, and EVERYTHING cleaned up! I couldn’t have been happier with their work, from start to finish. I will definitely call Saar’s for future tree services and highly recommend them."
April 23, 2010

Quick and Clean

"You very quickly cut two gigantic pine trees and a misshaped maple tree at our house (which were all a major safety hazard as power, TV, and telephone wires were all around and between them), not to mention the biggest pine tree was overhanging the back of our house. You and your crew cut all of these trees without dropping so much as a twig on our house nor did you pull any of the wires down throughout the very safe tree removal process! Plus you very nicely trimmed our two locust trees at our store at another location into a very pleasing and proper shape. Your stump grinding was amazing as there is now absolutely no sign that there ever was any trees on our property at all. I appreciated your clean up job when the job was done also. I highly recommend Saar's tree service to everyone, but especially to someone not physically capable of, or having the right equipment, to safely cut or trim any big trees on their property without hurting themselves or damaging their property."
August 19, 2009

Nothing but Hard Workers

"Let me say it again; your men do excellent work exhibiting good safe techniques. It was a pleasure watching the work ethics of your crew."
July 10, 2008

You De-Cluttered my Cabin!

"I'm extremely pleased with the tree removal work you did at the cabin. Everything was completed exactly as I asked. Removing the trees next to the cabin really opened things up and made it look a lot better. I'm sure it will help the roof and deck. The logs were all stacked "out of the way", and made it very easy for me to cut in stove length. I really appreciate the little "extras" you did by trimming some of the oak branches near the satellite dish and dusk/dawn light. Your prices are really reasonable and I would definitely recommend you to everyone who needs tree work."