January 25, 2022

"We've used Saar's Tree Service several times in the last few years, and I'm always impressed most by the effort they put into cleaning up. Last week we had them remove a very large white pine that exceeded the max height of their bucket truck by maybe 15', which was right beside our house surrounded at the base by river rock. When they were done, you would never know the tree had been there. They had moved river rocks by hand to blow out all the sawdust and then distributed them evenly back over the 3' diameter stump area. They cleaned sawdust off the house roof and blew out the gutters even though it wasn't accumulation from their efforts. I've always been very happy with their service."
December 22, 2021

"Mike and his team were very helpful and professional in helping to take down some 30 trees on the property. They were very responsive to my questions and I am very pleased with the work they did. I would recommend them to anyone in and outside the area."
September 6, 2021

"Got right on the job. Friendly experienced and great clean up. I'd recommend them to anyone"
July 22, 2021

"Mike and his crew are OUTSTANDING the work they did was incredibly impressive. I will use them again. I highly recommend them. My wife and I are very happy and proud we could support a local business"
July 15, 2021

"I called Saar's to deal with 3 clump birches of mine which recently began drooping. I treasure those trees for several reasons, but feared that they would all simply have to be removed. Mike envisioned cutting off about the top halves of them, shaping, and dead wooding them, making them much more manageable and non-hazardous. His attention to detail and downright artistry pruning the trees was remarkable! The tree climbers were nimble, conscientious, and completed their work to the highest standards. The ground crew were tireless, and excellent team workers. I appreciate the quick response from Saar's, and especially the better-than-I-dared-hope-for results. I will call Saar's for any future tree work."